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Meet Liz,
Cash Management Relationship Specialist, Spokane/North Idaho

Liz Massey, Spokane/North Idaho, Numerica Credit Union



You know your business better than anyone. Liz knows Numerica’s products and services like the back of her hand. Put the two together, and we've got the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Liz is a whiz at helping businesses identify challenges that may be holding them back. As part of Numerica's Cash Management team, she connects members with solutions that help them live well. Navigating the business landscape is an ever-shifting adventure, and that's cool with Liz. She's a lover of learning, so keeping up with current business concerns and solutions is part of her routine.

Away from work, Liz loves time with her family — exploring local parks, reading books, and listening to music. If you witness one of their impromptu dance parties, don't ask questions — join 'em!

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February 1, 2023