Cash for Kids $100K Challenge

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Rise to the challenge!

Numerica Credit Union will match every dollar raised up to $100K, for a potential total of $200K going to support the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery (VBCN).

Vanessa Behan’s Project Every Kid priorities are to impact 3 times more children and families than currently serving, provide more prevention-based tools, and increase space and capacity to serve more families.

How to donate

Any donation made to Vanessa Behan’s Project Every Kid will be matched by Numerica up to $100K. The matching campaign ends June 30, 2019, so hurry in to double your donation!

Turn your $50 into $100. It’s really that simple!

Here’s how to make your matching donation:

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Why Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery?

About Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery

Vanessa Behan’s vision is to provide immediate refuge for children and support to strengthen families. This evolved from the tragic story of Vanessa Kay Behan, a Spokane girl who died from child abuse injuries at the age of two. Following her death, a group of local business people established the Crisis Nursery so that parents would have a safe place to bring their children in the face of crises. Their primary services are:

The Crisis Nursery helps parents who are having difficulty providing safe shelter and care for their children. They may be dealing with issues as complex as substance abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. Or, they may just be exhausted and worn-out from the demands of parenting.