We must stand up

Equity, peace and justice are integral to enhancing lives, fulfilling dreams and building our communities. Numerica Credit Union opposes discrimination and intolerance in all forms. We are committed to learning, listening, and growing for how we can best make a difference.

The following is an email that Numerica President and CEO, Carla Cicero, sent to her staff on June 4, 2020. We’d like to share that letter with our community.

Numerica President & CEO’s email to staff

Daily, I try to stop and reflect on things that I am thankful for here at Numerica. And I can say for sure, we have so much to be thankful for. As I reflect today, my heart is deeply troubled by the injustice and divisiveness we have been seeing in our country as we witness the pain and frustration of centuries of oppression and inequality for people of color. The uprising of hate groups that have turned protest into violence worry me about the future we are creating for our children. If we are silent - if we do nothing - we will allow the very fabric of our democracy to stress and tear and be left with a country lacking freedom and equity. A freedom so many men and women fought for throughout our history.

Earlier this year, a project team put together a Diversity and Inclusion Philosophy Statement that is more important today than ever. It reads:

Numerica Credit Union is an organization built on authenticity. We are a team of diverse individuals who bring our unique personal experiences and talents to work every day.  True to credit union philosophy, we believe we are stronger together than we are alone. Inclusion is paramount to the Numerica experience and essential to our commitment to enhance lives, fulfill dreams, and build communities.  This is why we celebrate differences, care for one another, and welcome conversations that lend to understanding all people.  At Numerica, employees are encouraged to bring their whole selves to work.  Everyone belongs at Numerica, because Numerica belongs to all of us.

This is a beautiful statement of acceptance and inclusion, and I applaud the project team for their work.  We must endeavor to be authentic in our quest for inclusion and acceptance within the Numerica family so we can be bold and strong and share this belief with our families, our friends and our communities. If we are silent about injustice, if we don’t stand in solidarity with those who peacefully protest for change, we are complicit. We must stand up. We must speak out. We must act.

Numerica has been funding programs and organizations that promote equity, inclusion and care for marginalized populations for many, many years. We are not new to social justice. We are not new to funding programs that benefit people of color and those who are discriminated against. Our giving philosophy was built on crisis intervention for women and children that are disproportionally impacted due to generational poverty, lack of access to quality education/employment opportunities and lack of access to basic needs. Many of the individuals and families served through our community partnerships are people of color.

For years, we have been investing in racial justice and equity through partnerships such as:

We stand together in solidarity with organizations like these and those who are fighting for justice and peace for all citizens regardless of the color of their skin, their country of origin, their socioeconomic status or their sexual orientation. Together we are creating a better world for each of us and our children. Together we have the power to change. We must stand together now.

On behalf of each of you and our members, Numerica will continue to work toward peace and justice as we enhance lives, fulfill dreams and build communities. 

Carla Cicero

Numerica Credit Union President & CEO