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Digital banking upgrade FAQs

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Part of living well is using the best tools for the job. At Numerica, we are committed to empowering you with money tools that maximize your financial well-being and fulfill your dreams.

That’s why we are upgrading our digital banking platform, launching summer 2021. Prepare to level up your money game with better tools that are easier to use.

General digital banking FAQS

What will be changing with digital banking?

We are uniting our digital banking services under one platform. This integrates our online banking, mobile app, and voice banking services under the same umbrella. We’ve also added new features. The result:

Why are we changing digital banking?

To help you live well. This upgrade gives you better tools that are easier to use. We’re here for the long haul for our members, and this system is built to be nimble, allowing us to innovate and grow to meet your needs in the future.

Are any features going away?

Not happening! While some things may look different in the new format, the features you know and love will still be available. Digital superstars like mobile deposit and bill pay aren’t going anywhere.

When is the upgrade happening?

Most members will see online and mobile banking convert to the new system July 24.

Will I need to re-enter my bill pay details and automatic transfers?

Nope and nope.

We will transfer your current bill pay information for you. This includes payees and recurring payments.

Automatic transfers will operate as normal in the new platform, too. This includes those within Numerica or scheduled with other financial institutions.

Bonus: Transfers are loving this upgrade! You will be able to store payees for easy future use, and member-to-member transfers will also be enhanced. 

Will I need to re-register for digital banking?

Yes. For security reasons, we aren’t able to transfer your login information to the new system.

Once the upgrade is rolled out, you will need to register to use the new platform. This brief process will unlock a platform where you don’t need a separate login for multiple accounts:

Pro tip: Reach out to Numerica now to confirm all primary and joint account holder contact information to make registration a breeze!

Will I have to re-download the mobile app?

No need! We will send an update to the Numerica app for those are already using it.

Remember, your credentials will be updated when you re-register, so use those when you log in. But if you are already using the current mobile app, you won’t be required to download anything new.

What new features can I get excited about?

This is the fun stuff. Here are a few ways the new platform will help you live well.

Enhanced business online banking FAQS

How will this upgrade impact members using enhanced business online banking services like ACH origination and wires?

Members using enhanced business online banking with features like ACH origination and wires will also transition to the new digital banking platform on July 24.

Pro tip: Enhanced business online banking currently has a separate login page. If you don’t use this service, you can skip this part of the FAQs!

Will I need to re-register for business online banking?

Yes. For security reasons, we aren’t able to transfer your login information to the new system.

Will business members continue to have two different logins?

Nope! The new digital banking platform will let members manage their personal and business accounts all in one place. Perk: Each business owner will have a separate login to view any accounts he or she is listed as an owner on, whether personal or business.

Are there any changes to enhanced business features I currently have?

Nope! The services you know and love will continue to be available with the new system. Cool new features include having a single sign-on for both remote deposit capture and Positive Pay services.

What items will not transfer over to the new system automatically?

While most of your data will transfer seamlessly, there are three areas in particular business members will need to set up in the new system:

  1. Commercial transaction history will not transfer over automatically (personal account transaction history will transfer, however). We recommend you export and save recent transaction history for your records prior to July 24.
  2. Recurring ACH transactions will need to be rescheduled.
  3. Sub-users will need to be re-invited to access your account tools. As an account owner, you will be able to customize the permissions for each sub-user.

Don’t worry, we will be providing instructions to make set up a snap.

What information from business online banking will be transferred to the new platform?

Good news! Other than the few exceptions noted above, your account information and custom details will transfer automatically to the new system. This includes ACH payees and payment templates.

Will my business bill pay payment history, payees and recurring transfers move to the new platform?

Yes! When you re-register for digital banking, all of your business bill pay details will be there.

Better tools. Easier to use. Are you ready to level up your money game?