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Better Online Banking FAQ Page

How to use the Better Online Banking Dashboard

By clicking “Set Home” at the top (in the red bar) when you log into Better Online Banking, you make the Dashboard your default page for quick “at a glance” information on your Numerica accounts.

How much does it cost to use Better Online Banking?

It's FREE!

How do I sign up?

When you're ready to get registered, click here. First-time users, including users who have used Numerica's previous Home banking system, must complete a one-time registration process by following the on-screen prompts.

Once you've registered and logged in to Better Online Banking, you can update your Username and Password at any time by clicking the "Profile" link at the top of the screen. The Profile link also allows you to manage other account settings and options.

How do I get technical assistance?

Our Member Service Representatives are happy to help, just call (800) 255-9194.

Is it secure for me to use Better Online Banking?

Numerica uses the most advanced Internet security systems available for Better Online Banking. When you enter online banking you are entering a secure area on the Internet, which means all information is encrypted or encoded. The multi-level login procedure is another safeguard against unauthorized users accessing your data—only you will know your user name, password, and security question. In addition, the system records the date and time of the last login attempt.

How can I gain financial success?

Most individuals or households use a checking account as their primary account from which purchases or withdrawals are made. When paired with a Numerica checking account and free debit card, Better Online Banking becomes a powerful tool with which to manage your finances. Whenever you use your Numerica debit card, transactions clearing your checking account are automatically assigned a Category by Better Online Banking using merchant data that accompanies the transaction. By using the spending report feature of Better Online Banking, you can track your spending habits, even create a budget for each Category, and help ensure you are staying within your budget. When you write checks, the system does not automatically assign a Category to the cleared check, but you can manually assign a Category to cleared checks to maintain accuracy of your spending reports.

What if I have accounts at other financial institutions?

All Numerica deposit and loan account information is automatically loaded into Better Online Banking. If you have accounts at other financial institutions, there is an option to set up a direct connection or do a manual upload of account information to Better Online Banking for a more complete overview of all your assets and liabilities. However, the most hassle free and accurate way to utilize the system is by making a Numerica checking account your primary transaction account.

What can I do with Better Online Banking that I couldn't do before?

Once you're registered and have begun using Better Online Banking, you'll see that it is much more powerful than a typical online banking system. Through the easy-to-use, tabbed interface, your account information is organized onto "pages" which allows you to quickly review or access your financial data, budgets, spending reports, and more. With Better Online Banking you can:

View Account Information

The Account Summary page under the Accounts tab lists all of your accounts and associated balances and displays useful summary information for each including name and type of account, account number, and balance. If you have several accounts, you have the ability to mark some accounts as favorites. You can view a shorter account list by clicking the "Show Favorites" Link.

If you have accounts at other financial institutions, there is an option to set up a direct connection or do a manual upload of this account information to Better Online Banking to help you get a more complete overview of all your assets and liabilities. To get started, click "Options" on the Account Summary page.

Search Transactions

The Search box can be used to locate specific transactions across all of your accounts. The search can decipher many plain language terms. For example, searching the phrase "Around 50 June" will retrieve all transactions around $50 that occurred on your account in the month of June. If you entered "Costco last month" Better Online Banking would display all transactions from Costco that took place last month.

Monitor Transactions

The Transactions page under the Accounts tab lists all of the transactions that have occurred within each of your accounts. These transactions are listed in chronological order with the most recent listed first. There are two versions of the Transactions page:

The Transactions page displays summary information for each transaction including date of transaction, category, amount, and balance. Individual transactions can be edited to assign or modify categories, add notes, or flag for future review. Cleared check images can also be viewed. Use the Search box to find specific transactions within an account. You can sort transactions by merchant, date or amount.

Assign Transaction Categories

Categories allow you to assign a description to various expense and income groups so that you can see how much you are spending on eating out, buying groceries, maintaining an automobile, etc. A Budget can be created for each Category to further track your spending habits and compare them to your Budget goals. A default list of Categories is provided in Online Banking and many Transactions will be automatically placed into Categories. If a Transaction is not assigned a Category, you can click "Edit" next to the Transaction and manually choose the proper Category from the dropdown list. Credit card and debit card Transactions are most likely to be auto-categorized because these actions have the best descriptions.

For example: Auto-categorization works by comparing the Transaction description/memo to the list of rules defined for each Category. If a Transaction has the word "Starbucks" in the description, this will match the rule "Starbucks" in the "Dining Out" Category. You can enhance the list of rules for each Category simply by editing that Category and changing the list of rules.

Use Online Billpay

Pay merchants or other payees directly from your account without having to write and mail a check. Utilizing Online Bill Pay allows you the flexibility to schedule or make immediate one-time payments, or set up recurring payments. This service is FREE to members with a Sequel, Power or Prestige Checking account - no monthly fees or per-payment charges.

Manage Your Budget

Set up a budget within minutes, with multiple debit and income categories, and help keep spending—and saving—on track. Transactions on your account will automatically be applied to the appropriate category as they clear, letting you know where your finances stand at any time during the month. If you don't have a budget, you can get started by using the tool, "Suggest a Budget." You can choose to set a budget based on the average of the last full three months of transaction data.

Generate Financial Reports and Charts

The Reports page gives you an overall view of where your money is going. Standard Reports are provided within Online Banking that show your spending by month for each Category. In addition, if you have setup a Budget, the report will also show your Budget status for that month. Standard Reports show spending patterns and Budget for the past three months. However, you can also view reports by week, day, or year. You can also graphically view your spending using Charts. To view your spending breakdown for a particular month, just click on the pie chart icon at the top of the monthly columns. To view your spending over time for a particular category, just click on the bar chart icon next to each Category row.

Track Assets and Liabilities

Tracking your assets and liabilities is an important component of understanding your complete financial picture. Adding assets and liabilities into Online Banking is easy—just click on the "Add" icon on the Assets page and enter a name, a value and any associated notes. Assets are tracked as positive numbers (they increase your net worth), and liabilities are tracked as negative values (they decrease your net worth).

Schedule Alerts

Alerts are used to notify you of new transactions, new documents, and balance changes in your accounts. Alerts can be delivered by e-mail or text message. Several Standard Alerts are built into Online Banking and can be turned on or off. You also have the ability to create Custom Alerts for notification of account activity.

For example: You may select the option to receive e-mail alerts for all transactions, however for transactions over $200 you could also specify that you would like to receive a text message to your cell phone as well.

View eStatements

This FREE service is available to all members and allows you to view or print current statements as well as past monthly statements, making it even easier to track your expenses and balance your accounts. EStatements are fast, secure and easy to use. You can also access tax documents through the eStatement tab in Better Online Banking for the current year or the previous year.

View a Dashboard

The Dashboard tab gives you an at-a-glance overview of your account and activity through a compilation of widgets that you choose. Arrange the widgets on-screen by dragging and dropping them for the view that best suits your needs. You can even export certain widgets to personal web portals, such as iGoogle or NetVibes, to have easy access to your Numerica account information when not logged in to Better Online Banking.

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