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Gift/Reloadable/International Travel Chip Cards

Gift Cards

Visa Gift Card Make gift-giving easy with a Gift Card from Numerica! This prepaid debit card works like a credit card, with a pre-set, fixed dollar amount. Recipients of the gift card can use it at any merchant that accepts Visa® debit cards. Each purchase is subtracted from the card balance until it is depleted. Plus, the card recipient can keep track of their gift card balance online so they always know what card funds are available. Purchase gift cards in amounts ranging from $25 to $5,000.

These easy-to-use cards are a perfect choice for convenient, versatile gift-giving. Plus, with the Gift card, there is no hoping you've chosen the right gift, because the recipient can decide what to buy. Get a Gift Card today! You can purchase them by visiting any Numerica branch. Want to learn more or check a balance? Just click on the link below.

Gift Cards
Gift Card Q & A
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Prepaid Reloadable Cards

Purchase prepaid reloadable cards in amounts ranging from $25 to $5,000. There are four options to choose from:

1. Reloadable General Purpose Cards

Prepaid Visa Card These prepaid debit cards can be reloaded over and over again, as needed. By using the card, you can avoid overspending, since the card has a preset amount. It also offers peace of mind knowing you won't have the risks associated with using personal credit or debit cards for online shopping.

Check a Card Balance or Purchase a Reloadable General Purpose Card online.

2. Reloadable Student Cards

Prepaid Student Visa Card Want to send money to a student in your family? Instead of making special trips to the credit union, mailing checks or transferring funds, just use this easy and convenient card! Student cards can be reloaded, with immediate access to funds and can even have ATM access, creating a useful money management tool for students, while allowing parents to see where the money is being spent. Student cards allow the card's life to extend throughout the entire school year and beyond, promoting self-sufficient budgeting and spending, by allowing students to see and keep track of how they manage money.

Check a Card Balance or Purchase a Reloadable Student Card online.

3. Reloadable Travel Cards

Prepaid Travel Visa Card Planning a vacation? The reloadable Visa Travel Card lets you divide your spending money between individual family members, eliminating the risk of overspending by sticking to your specific budget. Once allocated card funds are spent, additional funds can easily be reloaded. For business travel, these cards allow companies and individuals to limit spending to predetermined amounts appropriate for the trip. Yet, they afford the flexibility to provide additional spending when needed. Cards can be reloaded, with immediate access to funds and can have ATM access, creating a continual, convenient spending tool for travelers.

Check a Card Balance or Purchase a Reloadable Travel Card online.

4. International Travel Chip Card

Travel Chip Visa Card
Planning an international vacation? The reloadable Visa International Travel Chip Card is the perfect travel companion when traveling abroad. You can use the card anywhere Visa is accepted.

International Travel Card FAQs

International Travel Card Terms and Conditions

Check a Card Balance or Purchase a International Travel Chip Card online.

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