It's time for the money talk!

Growing up, we get lots of talks. The birds and the bees talk. The substance talk. But when do we get the money talk? At Numerica, we think it's about time.

Auto Loans

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Finding the right car loan is just as important as finding the right car. Knowing the steps to take and understanding the process can help ease the stress and get you out on the open road behind your new set of wheels.

Buying a Home

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Your home loan needs are unique to the season of life you're in. Do you know all your options? We're here to help.*

Here's the legal stuff: *All loans subject to approval.


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Knowing you should have a budget versus creating one and sticking to it, is completely different. Creating a budget is an important step in your financial well-being. It gives you a road map for where you are currently spending, where you could be saving, and opportunities to achieve your personal goals and dreams.


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Save as much as you can, whenever you can, realistically. One of the most important people you can pay each month is yourself. Building up your savings, for both the short term and long term, is a critical part of a budget.

Credit Score

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Credit scores are used for loans, renting, interest rates, and can be used by potential employers. This number, ranging from 300 to 850, is like the adult version of a financial report card.

Today's Rates

September 14, 2019

Home Equity Line of Credit

as low as 5.50% APR


as high as 2.25% APY

Visa Rates

as low as 9.99% APR

Mortgage Rates

as low as 3.4000% APR

Auto/Truck (New/Used)

as low as 3.49% APR

Bonus Checking

2.00% APY

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