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ATM and Mobile Deposit FAQs

ATM and Mobile Deposits are secure AND easy!

Does trusting a machine to handle your cash and/or checks make you uneasy? If so, read on to learn how making deposits at the ATM or on the Numerica App are just as secure as making an in-person deposit at the branch.

Some of the reasons to use an ATM:

  • Drive up convenience
  • 24-hour access
  • Check your balance
  • Make a payment on a Numerica loan
  • Withdraw cash denominations of $5, $20, and $50

Check out the following ATM and Mobile Deposit FAQs to see all the options open to you. You might also appreciate watching this short video on how to use an ATM.

Numerica ATM Transaction Basics

Numerica ATM and Mobile Transaction FAQs

How long does it take an ATM or Mobile check deposit to clear? Is there a hold on my check?

ATM check deposits

The first $500 is typically released immediately when you make a deposit into your checking account with the remainder held for 2 business days. Checks deposited are reviewed and additional funds may be released sooner for accounts with compensating balances.

Mobile App check deposits

Once a member has been with us for 30 days, deposits are reviewed and additional funds may be released sooner

Can I cash a check through an ATM?

Yes! When depositing a check at an ATM you can do a second transaction to get the available balance in cash.

Can I deposit cash or checks at an ATM at a different financial institution?

Yes, you can! Make sure it’s a shared branching/CO-OP ATM

Is it safe to deposit my cash in an ATM?

Yes! While making a deposit at an ATM, you have a chance to verify the amount or cancel the transaction. If the transaction is cancelled, your cash or check is returned. If something goes wrong, you can file a dispute with your local branch or give us a call at 800.433.1837.

How much cash can I deposit at an ATM?

ATMs will accept 30 checks or 50 bills at one time. You could potentially deposit up to $5,000 in cash.

How long does the ATM hold my cash when I make a deposit?

Cash is available in your account immediately.

How can I get to the ATM if it’s behind the locked doors of the branch’s vestibule?

Several Numerica branch locations have 24-hour ATMs located in vestibules that lock after hours. To access these ATMS, locate the card reader near the door and swipe your debit card to gain access into the secure location. This gets you access to the ATM while the rest of the branch is still secured.

What items are NOT accepted for deposit in an ATM?

  • Foreign checks and currency
  • US savings bonds
  • Image Replacement Documents (IRDs)
  • Deposit slips or internal documents with routing and transit number starting with 5 or 6
  • Starter checks/counter checks that don’t have a check serial number

Can I deposit a money order at a Numerica ATM?

Yes, both ATMs and mobile deposit accept money orders. Be sure to double check the amount before completing the deposit since they may not be read correctly.

Is mobile deposit secure?

Yes! Mobile deposit requires verification using your online banking credentials.

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