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Stimulus Check FAQs

What you need to know about a third round of COVID-19 relief payments

A third round of stimulus checks officially received the green light March 11. Here is what to expect as the most recent infusion of COVID-19 relief is distributed.

How will my stimulus payment arrive?

Stimulus checks arrive by the same method a tax return would arrive. If you have bank or credit union account information on file with the IRS, your payment will most likely arrive by direct deposit.

In other cases, eligible recipients will receive a paper check or prepaid debit card by mail.

How will I know when I’ve received my payment?

Use Numerica’s online banking or mobile app to be on the lookout for your stimulus payment. (Please note we are expecting high call volume as a result of these payments, so using these online tools should save you time.)

At Numerica, each day’s stimulus payments will post by 9 a.m. PST.

When should my payment arrive by?

As with the first two stimulus checks, the IRS processes the payments. Typically, direct deposit payments arrive first, while paper checks and debit cards may take longer.

What if I haven’t received my payment yet?

If the information the IRS has on file is incorrect, you may experience a delay.

The IRS provides progress reports and updates about stimulus checks at

What do I need to do to receive my payment?

Nothing. If you are eligible, the payment should reach you automatically using the account or address information the IRS already has on file.

What if my information is now different?

Stimulus payments sent to accounts that are incorrect, missing, or closed will be returned to the IRS.

If your account information has changed, visit this page on the IRS website to learn more about your options.

Am I eligible for a stimulus payment?

To be eligible for a stimulus payment, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or resident alien
  • Not be claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer
  • Have adjusted gross income under certain limits (see below, “How much will my stimulus payment be?”)

Additional eligibility requirements also apply. Consult the IRS for a breakdown of criteria, and keep in mind the website is regularly updated as new information becomes available.

How much will my stimulus payment be?

Eligible individuals will receive up to $1,400 for individuals or $2,800 for married couples and up to $1,400 for each dependent, regardless of age.

In order to receive the full amount, the adjusted income for individuals can be up to $75,000 ($150,000 for married couples filing jointly). Above those amounts, the payment is reduced, or the individual may not be eligible.

The income will be based on the most recent tax return on file with the IRS. For instance, if your 2020 return is already filed, the IRS will base your eligibility on that return.

How should I use my stimulus payment?

That’s up to you, and everyone’s needs are different. First, focus on your necessities (housing, food, utilities, and transportation.) Make a plan from there.

Do you need to pay your bills?

Priority 1 is to stay on your feet. Even if you need to make the minimum payment now, stay current on your bills, focusing on your mortgage or rent.

Do you have a reliable emergency fund?

If you don’t need the stimulus money to pay your bills right now, saving for a potential personal financial crisis down the road can ease the strain of job losses, unexpected medical costs, or home repairs.

Start with a $1,000 emergency fund and grow from there. Use a Bonus Saver or Bonus Money Market savings account to help you earn money on your balance.

Looking for a tool to help you save? Consider Round Up to Savings, which uses your everyday purchases to build a savings account automatically. 

Are you in a place to support the economy?

Once you have paid your bills and continued saving, consider spending some money locally. Order takeout from your favorite neighborhood restaurant, buy a gift from a nearby shop, or grab a treat from a locally owned bakery. Before you order something from a big box store or online, think about the impact your purchase can have on a small business in your community.

Can I cash my paper stimulus check at Numerica?

To support social distancing and reduce traffic in our branches, we are only cashing paper stimulus checks from Numerica members at this time.

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