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Facebook tips to protect you

Have you seen the news over the last few days regarding Facebook and user data? We've got the scoop and some Facebook tips to help you live well by making smart choices both online and off.

There are lots of folks suggesting you should delete your Facebook account and plenty of posts telling you how to do so. The decision to keep your social media accounts is a very personal one. Only you can make that call.

Many of us use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends and to find out what’s going on in our community. If you like using this resource, rather than deleting it, why not take a step back and audit your posts. Look at ways to be smarter about social media rather than abandoning it.

What can you do to protect yourself on social media and Facebook?

1) Disconnect any apps that you are not using

These are apps like Instagram, Etsy, Tripadvisor or other apps that you may have used Facebook to sign in to. Simply go to the App Setting page in Facebook where you will see a list of all of the apps that you logged into using Facebook. Disconnect them, and reconnect them when you want to use them again.

2) Review Apps, Websites and Plugins

Click edit > Disable platform > Re-enable when you want to use that platform again.

 Apps, websites and plugins Facebook uses

3) Take a look at Apps Others Use

Facebook apps that others use and can see. List of personal data you give others permission to view.
Limit the information third party sites can use. Uncheck everything.

4) Review your profile

Ask yourself if you really need to announce your birthday to the world? Is there any other information on your profile that you can prune? If so, get to it!

5) Review settings frequently

Make a recurring event on your calendar to go in and check your privacy and security settings on Facebook and other social media once a month.

6) Pay attention to your posts

Most importantly, be aware of what you post and how much information you might be sharing. You might inadvertently be putting your identity at risk.

7) Stop being a quiz-aholic

Perhaps one of the most common sources for data collection is Facebook quizzes. You know the ones: Which Disney Princess are you? What song is the soundtrack of your life? Even, what kind of money spender are you?

Stop with the quizzes! You agree to give the quiz app access to your profile data AND that of you friends when you take the quiz.

Data can include statuses you’ve liked, photos you’ve liked, news articles you’ve liked, etc. The list goes on. Protect your data, and your friends’ data, by just saying no.

Before you give up on a social media platform, think about your options. Protect your well-being by controlling the personal and user data of your accounts.

Live well. Build your social media community one careful step at a time.

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