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Learning To Save

It’s never too early to talk about money and saving! Even if you don’t have a lot of extra cash to pass around, you can still teach your kids to save. Maybe it’s saving for device time, a fun one-on-one activity, or even candy!

While these things can cost very little they help to create positive behaviors about saving that can stay with a child for their entire life.

Pick Goals

From candy to device time, kid’s goals can be as unique as they are.

Create a Point System

For daily behaviors or tasks, you might assign two points. Weekly tasks would be worth more points. Keep in mind points for negative behavior, like talking back, which would be deducted from his/her tracker.

Learn to Save Points

Smaller goals help kids to set a goal and achieve it. Long term goals, and understanding what it takes to accomplish them, encourages thinking about saving in a different way.

Track Points

Tracking positive, negative, and used points helps kids to see the big picture to achieving a goal. This is a valuable skill to understand about account balances in the future.

Watch the video about learning to save!



Bonus tracker worksheet, links to pdf

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