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Live Life Forward

Generation Alive works with hundreds of Spokane students to take action and service in order to help the community. Now the rest of the country will get a glimpse of the nonprofit’s empowering message as well.

Lifetime Television recently collaborated with Numerica Credit Union to bring a television show called “Live Life Forward,” to Spokane. The show is hosted by director, global humanitarian and TV star, Adrian Paul from the “Highlander” series.

“We want to highlight corporations and what they do for charities,” Paul said.

This is why the Spokane-based, $1.8 billion credit union was selected for the partnership. In 2016, Numerica gave over $1 million dollars and donated more than 13,200 hours back to the community. Numerica has been a longtime supporter of Generation Alive and their mission.

“Numerica believes in enhancing lives, fulfilling dreams and building communities,” explains Numerica Credit Union Communication Director Kelli Hawkins. “We were excited to help show the work of an amazing community resource.”

Three-time World Series Champion and former San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt, along with his wife Larisa, founded Generation Alive. The organization helps move a generation to act by using programs that focus on hunger relief, anti-human trafficking and leadership development.

On the day of filming, Generation Alive was visiting Northwood Middle School. Paul, 30 students from Northwood Middle School and volunteers from Numerica gathered to create Freedom bags (items for those fleeing sex trafficking), cards of encouragement and a reflection station.

“Compassion is when sympathy takes action,” explains Generation Alive Program Coordinator Jessica Hart. “We are going to be talking about something very serious today, Human Trafficking. So we are approaching it with a level of maturity and compassion.”

Generation Alive led the group of seventh and eighth graders through an overview of the topic, several testimonials and a hands on activity to assemble the bags that will help victims during their first few days after escaping trafficking. The bags are distributed to regional trafficking and sexual assault victims through Lutheran Community Services.

“All trafficking victims share one experience – loss of freedom and power,” said one student. When victims in Spokane are rescued, they only have what is with them and nothing else. Not even a toothbrush.

With its abundance of shipping ports, vast rural areas, and a direct route from Canada to Mexico via I-5, Washington is a popular destination for the recruitment, transportation and sale for human trafficking.

“One of the big reasons we need to have this conversation is to bring awareness, especially because you don’t see it happen. It’s hard to wrap your brain around it,” says Paul.

The collaboration between Numerica, Lifetime and Generation Alive was a natural fit as all the organizations are working towards the philosophy that by coming together we can make life better for the community where we work, live and play.

“Find your passion. If this isn’t it, find another need – hunger, poverty, homelessness, animals, the elderly, those with disabilities. The point is, helping others can change you more than it can change them. Work together, and find creative ways to go out and respond to it,” Hart emoted.

See more about Generation Alive’s story as they appear with Blessings Under the Bridge in the “No Poverty / No Hunger” episode on Lifetime.

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