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Numerica online budgeting tools

Have disposable income and extra money to afford the things you want.

Avoid being stressed about your finances! Create a budget. With online banking you can easily see where your money is being spent and find ways to save money. It only takes about 20 minutes to get started.

Online banking and budgeting tools

Numerica’s online banking lets you do more than check your balances and transfer funds. You can easily set budgets and get reports of spending trends – and the features are waiting at your fingertips.

Get started by:

  • Signing in to your account
  • Look for the Reports tab
  • Choose Categories

There are default categories already set, including the basics like grocery, dining out, and bills/phone. 

Create a rule to manage categories

Click the icon to the left of the Category with the pencil to edit. You will see some of our favorite keywords already listed. Feel free to add your own keywords as well. You can then save the rule to have all future transactions at that restaurant automatically categorize under ‘Dining Out’.

Click the Auto Categorize box to retroactively apply the new rule to all your past transactions.

Already have some transactions listed?

That is because while you’ve been focusing on other things, the Numerica Ninjas have been working to start making your budgeting tools. You can see what transactions are already in each category by clicking the magnifying glass to the left of the category’s name.

Creating your budget

Maybe you have already reviewed your bills to find the savings and know exactly what your budget should be.

You can set that budget up by clicking the Budget option under Reports. A percentage bar helps to make sure that you aren’t over budgeting your funds.

Reports budget by category by account, Numerica Online Banking screenshot

If you haven’t been able to set-up that budget yet, let Numerica help to reduce the stress. Click the Suggest option under Budget. This will give a suggested budget based on previous purchases that can be easily adjusted.

Seeing your budget with charts and graphs

Make graphs with the click of a button. Select the bar graph icon to compare monthly spending in a specific category. By hovering your cursor over a specific month, you can see the exact amount spent in that category. In addition, clicking on a bar in the graph will show the month’s spending in that category.

Your budgeted amount will appear as a yellow line that stretches across the entire graph. If you see that you are constantly over or under budget, you can adjust it on the screen and it will update the amount in your budget.

Numerica online banking budget chart

Your total budget at a glance

Choose the Report option then Month to see all of the categories broken down into a pie chart. This is a great way to see your largest spending categories and find where you are “money blind”. Hover your cursor over a slice of the pie in order to see the exact amount spent as well as what percentage of your spending that category was.

pie chart Numerica online banking budget pie chart

See all your finances in one place

SwitchAgent is a free, online tool that can assist you in moving your automatic deposits and withdrawals from your previous financial institution to Numerica. SwitchAgent works on your behalf to notify companies that are automatically depositing or debiting from your account.

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