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12 months of saving: Savvy Shopping for Smarter Savings

Getting started saving can often feel overwhelming. So, let’s find a few ways to reduce stress and make saving easier! The secret? Start small. Find areas in your life where you can cut some coin, even if it’s not much. You’d be surprised to see how small savings can really add up.

Another way to help show you the money? Find a savings account that pays you. With Numerica’s new Bonus Saver account you can earn up to 3% APY on your balance of $2500. That’s extra money in your pocket for making a commitment to save and just letting your money hang out. LET YOUR MAKE YOU MONEY.

Finding some easy savings

Let’s break this down into categories to make it easier. Also, don’t forget with the Numerica mobile app, you can easily transfer funds between your accounts.

Food bills

  • Skip eating out at least once this week and put that money into savings $7 – $25 each time per person
  • Make a list of all of the food your throw away. Kind of crazy? Yes. But try it.
  • Estimate the cost of each item you toss. How much is that expired milk worth? Knowing how much you toss will encourage you to use it up.
  • Reduce your monthly food budget by the amount you tossed the month before *grin*
  • Plan your meals – Having a plan for meals helps to reduce stress when life gets crazy. Plus, you are able to cut down on last minute stops to the store (or the drive thru) to save you time and extra moolah on those little splurges. $10 – 20 per week
  • Have coffee at home one day out of the week $3 – $5 each time
  • Don’t believe us on the savings? Take a look at this video:


  • Host a potluck brunch at home vs a fancy brunch out $25 – $40 each time
  • Movie night. You know one of your friends has to have a home theatre. A movie, friends and popcorn. Bam! $25 each time
  • Host a clothing exchange. Remind your friends it’s time to clean out their closets and get a few new looks yourself. $50 each time
  • Carpool or take the bus once a week. Once a month even. $3 – $5 each time
  • Set up a savings competition with your friends for one month

Debt and finance

Refinance high interest debt with a home equity line of credit. Take a look at the difference between a between a HELOC and home equity loan.

  • Check your auto loan rate. Can you get a better rate refinancing? Give us a ring at 800.433.1837 or pop in to a branch to find out how much you can save!

Home, “health” and beauty

  • Skip every other pedicure or manicure and do it yourself! $25 – $45 each time
  • Use up all of those product samples you have stuck in the bathroom drawer
  • Looking for another reason to quit smoking? Think about your pocket book. Check out Seriously. You could save like $10/day.
  • Hit a garage sale or check out a Facebook garage sale group. This is a great way to find a deal on items you might need or you can even use it to make some extra money. (To add to your savings account, of course.)

These are just a few of the ways you can save some extra money. It may seem small, but every bit adds up!

Add it up

Let’s say in one week we cut out a single coffee, a single lunch AND a movie night. That’s $35 in one week.

Now what happens if I add that $35 to a Bonus Saver account? I earn an extra 3% AND if I can do this for a single month, that’s $140 in my account. In a year? That’s $1680.

So, what are you doing to save money this month? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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