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Fingerprint and Touch ID available on your mobile device

It’s never been easier or faster to access your accounts

Fingerprint and Touch ID sign-in capabilities provide eligible Android, iPhone and iPad users the ability to securely and conveniently log into Numerica’s mobile app with the tip of your fingers! With passwords often requiring longer and more complex combinations of numbers, letters, characters, using this features is a unique way to access your account.

If you have one or more fingerprints registered on your device, activating the Touch ID or Fingerprint is a snap. To get started:

  1. Sign in to the Numerica app using your username and password
  2. Under Menu, choose the Profile option
  3. Enable Sign on with Touch ID or Fingerprint and save options.

Seeing your balances, depositing checks, transferring funds, Card Freeze and all the other app features just got a little easier.

Touch ID is available on iPhone 5S and higher. Fingerprint is available on Android Marshmallow OS and up.

iphone with pink fingerprint on screen

Today's Rates

January 16, 2019

Home Equity Line of Credit

as low as 5.75% APR


as high as 3.05% APY

Visa Rates

as low as 10.24% APR

Mortgage Rates

as low as 4.500% APR

Auto/Truck (New/Used)

as low as 3.74% APR

Sequel Checking

1.35% APY

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