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Together, we’ll shine through.

Dear Members,

For so many people, COVID-19 is full of uncertainty. Personally. Professionally. Financially. But even as the current crisis fills our newsfeeds and conversations with concern, stories of kindness, togetherness, and the human spirit keep shining through.

Now, more than ever, Numerica remains committed to helping our members and community to live well.

Let’s share the stories that build our community. Find opportunities to enhance the lives of one another. And through it all, let’s have the conversations that will help us fulfill new dreams.

Because together, we will #ShineThrough.

All my best,


Carla Cicero

Numerica Credit Union President & CEO 


-Tommy Heppler, Communities in Schools Benton-Franklin 

How you can shine through

Ways to volunteer during COVID-19

The impact that COVID-19 has had on our community and the nonprofits who serve our most vulnerable is significant. With fundraising events postponed or canceled, school closures, and small businesses reducing operations, many of us are left feeling a bit helpless. In times like this, helping our neighbors in need is easier than you might think.

How you can give back to your community during Coronavirus:

  1. Give blood
  2. Show some local love
  3. Promote crisis resources
  4. Volunteer differently
  5. Stay home

1. Donate Blood

Blood centers throughout the country are experiencing a significant drop in blood donations. With many workplaces, churches, and schools taking place remotely, blood drives are being canceled.

30% of blood donations come from high school students.

Giving blood and platelets is safe. Healthy donors are urgently needed to help current patients, including cancer patients who need regular blood transfusions.

Make an appointment to donate today:

2. Show your support for local nonprofits, restaurants, or small businesses

The Stay at Home order was put into place for all non-essential businesses to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. With more people staying at home, restaurants and small businesses have been hit hard. Local nonprofits have seen an increased need for services, but have had to cancel critical fundraising events.

Show your nonprofit support!

Charities have had to cancel fundraising events and are seeing an increased need. If you were planning on attending an event or making a donation at an event, please consider still doing so.


Examples of needs from our nonprofit friends include:

Support the hospitality industry

Even though dining at restaurants is not currently permitted, there are still plenty of ways you can support them.

Support Local Businesses

Many local businesses and sole proprietors are closed for usual business. Help these businesses and individuals by:

3. Spread the word about important crisis resources

Sharing information about essential resources can help raise awareness for families and individuals in need – and only takes a moment! Domestic violence increases in times of crisis, further isolating victims.

4. Volunteer Differently

Think about how you would typically volunteer and how else that might look.

Maybe it’s making birthday cards for Wishing Star, who sends cards to all their wish families, or crochet blankets for the hospital. Giving back could be as simple as doing grocery runs for seniors or at-risk neighbors. Adopt or foster a pet. Go on a walk through your neighborhood and pick up trash.

What other ideas can you think of?

If you need some ideas, Volunteer Spokane is keeping an up-to-date list.

5. Stay Home

Perhaps the best way you can help support the community is by staying home if you can. If you have to go out, help keep vulnerable populations safe by wearing a mask, maintaining a social distance, and limiting exposure by using Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

At Numerica, we remain dedicated to helping enhance the lives of our members. Giving back through your time, resources, or talents is one way you can help through the COVID-19 pandemic, but it also helps your piece of mind. When we come together, we make life better for everyone in our community.