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Meet Anika,
Cash Management Service Representative

Anika Gray, Cash Management Service Representative at Numerica



Life moves. And when you’re navigating your way to success, it’s important to have a partner on your side who knows how to read the roadmap. Meet Anika. In an industry filled with rules, regulations, and room to grow, Anika is like the tour guide who knows how to navigate a changing and complicated terrain.

Supporting cannabis members throughout Washington state, Anika is one of those go-to people who knows how to get questions answered. With her, it’s all about forward progress. She loves helping members access critical banking services, make connections, and solve the next problem on their list.

As an answer person, it’s no surprise Anika is a diehard Jeopardy fan. She also loves reading, volunteering, traveling, and playing in the water.

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June 22, 2024