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Showing some local love.

Numerica is dedicated to enhancing lives, fulfilling dreams, and building communities. These guiding principles are the core of everything we do. Support from our loyal members has helped to build a strong foundation, inspiring Numerica to give back at least 5% of our earnings to our community. 

Numerica Credit Union gave over $225,000 from the Numerica Charitable Fund to 14 nonprofits in Spokane, North Idaho, Tri-Cities, and Wenatchee to help give immediate support to those who need it most. These nonprofits are providing crucial basic needs to feed, clothe, and provide safety to thousands of people in our communities impacted by the Coronavirus.


Charitable Fund

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Man in black suit holding a large Numerica Credit Union check for Boys and Girls Club Richland, WA. Group of kids and Numerica employees celebrating, smiling, cheering.

Numerica provides funding support to local nonprofits focusing on systemic issues such as generational poverty, hunger, homelessness, domestic violence and access to quality education.

Donations are made possible thanks to Numerica members and their contribution to the Skip a Pay Program.

Eligible public, 501(c)(3) non-profits with tax-exempt status must be applying for funds that will enhance their mission or work towards systemic program changes.

Applications for Numerica charitable funds accepted include program/special project support, capital/equipment needs and capacity building. Each application will be scored on impact, innovation and collaboration. Review scoring criteria.

An organization may submit one application each calendar year. Donation amounts are typically between $5,000 and $25,000.

Organization must provide services within Numerica’s service area of Spokane, North Idaho, Tri-Cities, or Wenatchee Valley.


Applications are closed for 2021.

Review, site-visits and in-person presentations (as needed): February 20 – March 31, 2021

Awards announced by: April 1, 2021

Please contact us if you have any questions.

2021 Recipients 2020 Recipients 2019 Recipients

The Numerica Charitable Fund doesn’t award event sponsorships or funding for:

  • Individuals or personal endeavors, schools, clubs or teams
  • Trips or tours
  • Labor or fraternal organizations
  • Churches
  • Political or partisan groups

Requests for these can be made as a Community Sponsorship.

Open Doors Family Day Shelter, Numerica check presentation to Family Promise
We are so grateful for this catalytic gift that allows us to support families so that children never have to relive homelessness. - Steve Allen, Family Promise of Spokane Executive Director

Community Giving

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Group of Numerica volunteers next to Kona Ice cart

In 2019, Numerica gave over $2 million to lend a helping hand, create leaders and celebrate our community through Numerica employee donations and fundraising efforts, as well as sponsorships.

Numerica focuses on fostering education, supporting women and children, and ending hunger and homelessness.

  1. Requests of $250 or more are granted annually, with budget planning taking place in September of each year. Sponsorship requests can be faxed to 509.536.6190 or mailed to:

    Numerica Credit Union
    Attn: Community Involvement Committee Donations
    PO Box 4000
    Spokane Valley, WA 99037

  2. If you are looking for Numerica staff to volunteer for an event, help collect items for drives, be a beneficiary of our Casual for a Cause or request less than $250:

Applications are reviewed monthly and can be mailed to:

Community Involvement Committee
PO Box 4000
Spokane Valley, WA 99037

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Numerica Credit Union generally will not consider making contributions to the following groups: Political or partisan organizations, religious organizations, labor or fraternal groups, personal endeavors, trips and tours or for profit groups.


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Group of Numerica volunteers in matching blue t-shirts

Living well begins with helping others. Last year, our team donated more than 21,000 hours volunteering in our community. From rolling up our sleeves to putting on our dancing shoes, it's about making a difference. Being a part of something bigger. Supporting a better place to live. After all, we're in this together.

Computer donations

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Numerica representatives with computer tower in hand.

Twice a year, Numerica donates computers to support local nonprofits. If your nonprofit could benefit from gently used computers to further your mission, apply now.

Although items may vary, technology donations typically include desktop computer towers with a power cable (monitors, mice, or keyboards not included).

Applications are encouraged from nonprofits who:

  • Provide services in Spokane, North Idaho, Tri-Cities, or Wenatchee Valley
  • Operate as a public, registered 501(c)(3)
  • Support the well-being of our community and members

In its support of the community, Numerica works to address systemic issues such as generational poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, domestic violence, and access to education.

Applications are open year-round, and donations are typically made in June and December.

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