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CU Everywhere

Helping you provide comprehensive money solutions

CU Everywhere exists to remove the stress points surrounding money, helping you — and your people — enjoy financial well-being.

How? CU Everywhere is a free financial partnership between Numerica and local organizations and businesses. We help you invest in the financial health of your team. The result: a more robust and resilient community.

The 1-2-3 of CU Everywhere

1. We provide exclusive perks to your employees.

Your employees receive VIP treatment when opening a new checking or savings account with Numerica, including special account bonuses.*

Ask us about our current offers.

2. We customize solutions and bring them to you.

As a local credit union, Numerica exists to help members live well.

3. We offer FREE tools to boost your team's financial wellness.

Because money stress follows us everywhere — including at work.

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Ready to discuss a financial partnership for your business or organization? Let’s get started! 

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*Here’s the legal stuff: Bonuses available for new Numerica members only. Offer available for a limited time only.

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May 28, 2024