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$40,000 invested in Brighter Financial Futures

Updated Dec. 21, 2022

Youth receive $100 savings account and resources

More than 300 youth received an unexpected gift during the 2022 holiday season — a $100 youth savings account. They also received personal finance resources.

It’s all thanks to Numerica’s Brighter Financial Futures campaign. Through the collaborative effort, Numerica partnered with 4 youth-serving nonprofits. Partners identified families with financially vulnerable youth who could use a kick-start.

“This grant will help the children we serve get a head start in life as they learn financial principles and establish their first bank account,” said Kristin Cope, advancement coordinator with the UGM Center for Women & Children. “When moms reach phase 4 of their recovery program, they will be given $100 from the Numerica grant to open a savings account for each of their children.”

Building blocks for Brighter Financial Futures

They also receive Numerica’s “$tarting Off Right” resource. These materials help teach young people about budgets, credit, and more.

“Financial independence and peace of mind are gifts that keep giving,” Numerica President and CEO Carla Cicero said. “Having money in the bank gives you both. Learning skills to save for emergencies and fulfilling dreams is empowering. We are so proud that Numerica’s year-end giving campaign is helping to develop those skills for so many families across the region.”

Program partners key to campaign success

Living well begins with helping others. Numerica’s nonprofit community rises to that challenge. Each regional partner received $10,000 from the Brighter Financial Futures campaign.

Making dreams reality

Brighter Financial Futures reflects Numerica's core purpose. The goal is to serve youth by enhancing lives, fulfilling dreams, and building communities.

Deysi Lucero of Wenatchee said she appreciates how the campaign lays a foundation.

“Having my kids understand the importance of being financially stable and knowing how the bank can help is essential for them — because today is the best opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.

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