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Member stories

Updated Feb. 8, 2022

Members share what ‘live well’ looks like

When con artists steal $30,000 (Troy’s story)

The call came on a Thursday. Fraudsters were trying to hack into Troy Sorenson’s Numerica account. If he’d just answer a few basic security questions, everything would be taken care of.

Except that it wasn’t. The call was from a con artist pretending to be Numerica. Using call spoofing, the caller used deception to obtain confidential information.

Imagine Sorenson’s surprise the following Tuesday, when Numerica’s fraud department actually did call. By then, about $25,000 had disappeared from Sorenson’s account. Numerica immediately shut down the account, and set Troy up with a new account — every dollar back where it belonged.

Unfortunately, Sorenson’s business account was hacked a week later, and another $5,000 was stolen. Once again, the fraud team notified Sorenson and fixed everything.

“You guys took care of it all,” he recalled. “I didn’t have to do anything.”

Both as a victim of fraud and as a member with several accounts and loans through Numerica, Sorenson said one word sets his experience at the credit union apart.

“Simplicity — just the simplicity of showing up and knowing that it’s going to be taken care of.”

Sorenson first joined the credit union after a difficult experience at his bank of 20 years. It started with a loan process he described as “flawless.” As the owner of Pride Pump, which services pumps and water wells throughout the Spokane region and North Idaho, Sorenson’s relationship with his financial institution is very important to him. He said there’s a reason all his personal and business accounts are with Numerica.

“There’s nowhere else,” he said. “I’ve now borrowed money for cars, trucks — it’s been really easy. All my banking is done here.”

Digital tools bridge the gap for newlyweds (Sara’s story)*

When Sara Huerta got married, the need to open a joint bank account felt like the opportunity for a change.

“I didn’t really like my bank that much; he didn’t really like his that much,” she explained. “We had just been put through the ringer.”

Her sister-in-law raved about Numerica, but there was one problem. Huerta lives 90 minutes north of Spokane, making Wandermere the nearest Numerica branch.

But living so far out of town also means she’s learned to lean on digital tools.

“For me, anything that’s mobile and easy to use is just amazing,” she said. “I really like the (Numerica) Mobile App. It works really well and is super efficient.”

Huerta added that Numerica’s 2021 Digital Banking upgrade “just made it so much easier for me for banking.”

Since switching to Numerica, the love has only grown. She is especially appreciative of the way the credit union’s hours and flexibility make it easy to manage her account without interrupting her work schedule.

And that time she came across a fraudulent Visa charge?

“Numerica was all over it,” Huerta said. “If we ever had a problem, they were there to help us solve it.”

Like her sister-in-law before her, Huerta has become a bit of an ambassador for the credit union. On her recommendation, two friends are now Numerica members.

Loans are better from people you trust (Daryl’s story)**

Daryl Pope’s first interaction with Numerica was a home loan. He moved from Spokane Valley to North Spokane a few years ago, and his positive experience unlocking the doors to a new home convinced him to open an account.

Now with many experiences at the Lyons branch, Pope said what sets the credit union apart is its friendly, trustworthy team.

“If you want to be comfortable you are being paid attention to, this is the place to come,” he said.

Most recently, Pope worked with Numerica to finance a new vehicle he plans to enjoy in his upcoming retirement.

They made it a lot easier for me to go ahead and get my dream car,” he said, pointing to a shiny new vehicle in the Lyons parking lot. “It’s a 2022, and I’m happy with it. I’ve just got to get to that retirement part.” 


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