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Numerica Student Scholarships

14 local students earn 2022 Numerica scholarships

Life moves. And in 2022, Numerica awarded $20,000 in scholarships to 14 students dedicated to helping their community live well. Here’s how the 2022 scholarships breakdown:

Since 2016, Numerica has awarded over $185,000 in scholarship support to its members. We are proud to recognize our 2022 recipients.

$2,500 Continuing Education Scholarship winners

Alyssa Zapien, Wenatchee

“I want to be a person of comfort and assurance for members of my small-knit community, to be confident in my skills and abilities to help others, and, most importantly, to advocate for people who cannot do so for themselves.”

Alyssa is earning her bachelor’s degree in nursing at Wenatchee Valley College. Her goal is to become a psychiatric nurse. She hopes to inspire women of all backgrounds and show them it’s possible to build an amazing future while doing something you love.

Caleb Weeks, Coeur d’Alene

“I believe in working with people who need better representation through employment assistance. A healthy economy and healthy business come from a healthy community full of happier employees.”

Caleb is finishing his master’s degree in public administration at the University of Idaho while working to advance his position within the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour division. He hopes to help establish transparent labor laws to benefit organizations and employees at all levels.

Catherine Donnelly, Spokane

“The degree I am seeking, coupled with my life and volunteer experiences, will enable me to offer hope and healing. Though I am only one person, I can make a difference for many families.”

Catherine has spent decades volunteering with organizations to provide peer counseling and guidance to families in her community. Now this mother of three is working toward her degree through Messiah University. Her goal is to become a licensed counselor and open a private practice that makes mental health services achievable for as many people as possible.

Samanta Jimenez, Pasco

“Kids need guidance and someone to make them feel appreciated, loved, and cared for. Teaching helps me create a positive impact in the lives of students, and seeing these transformations is such a blessing.”

Samanta is working toward her master’s degree in teaching from Western Governors University. Working with kids who struggle both academically and emotionally inspired her to continue her education. She hopes to someday achieve her doctorate in education with hope to generate more opportunities that create change in her community.

$1,500 Student Ambassador Scholarship winners

Tugg Wellsandt, Coeur d’Alene

“As a lawyer, I would be able to help many people in my community and throughout the country. Being a women's basketball coach would positively impact my community because I could help uplift and empower all the women on the team, and show them how to do the same thing in their communities, through sports.”

A Coeur d’Alene High School graduate, Tugg plans to earn a bachelor’s degree from Northwest Nazarene University before moving on to achieve a master’s in law. A varsity basketball player throughout high school, he volunteered each summer at basketball camps to help young players fine-tune their skills. As he continues his education, he hopes to also coach women’s basketball at the collegiate level.

Benjamin Armstrong, Spokane

“In the short term, I plan to build a strong community at my future school by getting involved in student leadership through the Corps of Cadets. In the long term, I plan to work aboard a ship because they connect the world and would give me an opportunity to build the global community.”

A Ferris High School graduate, Benjamin played on the tennis team and, as an active member of the school band, mentored younger students. He hopes to explore the world’s waterways and build bonds with the different people he meets along the way, no matter where they’re from.

Caleb Neale, Spokane

“Since I'm studying computer science, there are many options I could take, some of which I am probably not even aware of yet. Perhaps I’ll design software that helps address current educational challenges that are facing our world.”

Caleb tutors math and science students to help them master the skills they need to succeed. He intends to pursue a career in software development or information technology and hopes to someday develop software that helps students learn more effectively in the classroom.

Clay Gale, Nine Mile Falls

“Social workers, overall, work for the better of any community. As a social worker, I will be able to address people’s problems, offer support, provide therapy, and help them get into contact with specific services for their needs. The possibilities to help are endless.”

Clay is working toward a bachelor’s degree in social work with a minor in psychology from Eastern Washington University. After graduating, he hopes to help people struggling with addiction, mental health, employment, domestic violence, and child services.

Emerson Carter, Wenatchee

“Nature is important to me. I have a passion for the way the health of our oceans impacts the rest of humanity, and I want to help preserve it for generations to come.”

After spending two years in the Running Start program at Wenatchee Valley College, Emerson plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from Central Washington University. From there, it’s a master’s degree from Western Washington University in order to better contribute to the cleanup and care of the earth’s oceans.

Gracie Sharp, Spokane

“I want to have a big impact on this world, and I know our future generations will need adults to look up to. Spokane Valley is short on teachers and faculty staff members, so we need more people to teach young students how to be successful in their lives.”

An early childhood development class inspired Gracie to pursue a career as an elementary school teacher. She hopes to help students understand the difference between right and wrong and provide caring support that encourages successful futures.

Hailey Thaxton, Rathdrum

“When the economy thrives, so do the people in it. Marketing creates new job opportunities and new incomes that can help build the community. Better economies make better societies and improve the standard of living for everyone.”

Hailey plans to pursue a degree in marketing because she wants to support businesses in her community through advertising and public relations. She believes marketing can help businesses flourish, create job opportunities, encourage increased revenue, and lead to expansion, and she plans to be a part of it.

Leilani Uribe, Pasco

“I want to be part of the generation that helps bring awareness to mental health, especially to my community. Different cultures have distinct views and definitions of mental health. I chose the field of psychology because of the taboo placed around it.”

Leilani’s experiences growing up in a Hispanic family helped her recognize the stigma surrounding mental illness. After earning a degree in psychology with a neuroscience emphasis from the University of Washington, she hopes to either delve into research or become a clinical psychologist.

Mackenzie Wright, Pasco

“My ultimate goal in life is to open a rescue clinic for horses and other animals that need a place after being abused or abandoned. I want to give back to the community by helping animals and allowing help for owners who cannot afford it.”

Mackenzie plans to earn an animal science degree from Washington State University and then attend veterinarian school. Because she knows the struggles of supporting herself through school, she also wants to help other underprivileged kids find the help they need to reach their dreams in life.

Zoe Harrison, Cashmere

“I would love to be a high school counselor and help young adults discover who they are and what they want to become. I love the feeling of helping someone and knowing you have made a difference in their life. I would love to show my students that they can do and be anything they want.”

Zoe aspires to help students grow and thrive in the world they build for themselves. She hopes to prepare students for what comes next by connecting them to community members who can share real life situations and experiences. 

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