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Round Up savers surpass $6 million

Originally published Feb. 1, 2022. Updated Jan. 29, 2024.

Members using Round Up to Savings to live well

Becca G. and her husband used money they didn’t realize they were saving to go on a cruise they didn’t think they could afford.

How? These Numerica members used one simple tool to turn everyday debit card transactions into an automatic savings program through Round Up to Savings.

“I’ve had trouble saving before because it’s too easy not to set the money aside," Becca said. "With this, it’s a no-brainer.”

Becca is one of the approximately 10,000 Numerica members to enroll in Round Up to Savings since it was introduced in 2019. Since that time, more than $6 million has been saved up — automatically.

How Round Up to Savings works

With Round Up to Savings, everyday debit card transactions are rounded up to the next dollar amount, and the difference is deposited into savings.

“It doesn’t even hurt to pull the money out — it’s a buck or two tops — and you don’t realize how quickly it adds up,” Becca said.

Brian L. agreed. He started using Round Up to Savings to put aside money to remodel his fireplace. He was surprised when he checked his balance to learn how much his savings had grown.

“With Round Up, it was easier than ever to save,” he said. “It doesn’t require anything extra on my part, and it was easy to set up.”

Round Up FAQs

Round Up to Savings pro tips

HF Brownfield has saved hundreds of dollars using Round Up to Savings — one debit card transaction at a time. As Numerica’s AVP of branding and marketing, they were an early adopter who helped launch the savings tool.

“One of the many things I love about Round Up to Savings is it actually makes me want to use my debit card more than my credit card,” they said. “This helps me want to spend money I have as opposed to money I don’t have. It makes me feel good about swiping my debit card.”

Want to get the most out of Round Up to Savings? Brownfield recommends these 5 Round Up tips.

1. Turn on the doubling feature

To really jumpstart your savings, set your Round Up account to double the amount that is deposited with each transaction. This option can always be adjusted using Online Banking or the Mobile App.

2. Treat it like a digital change jar

Use Round Up to save for something specific. You can even set up a separate savings account and name it what you’re saving for, like “Jet Ski” or “Paris.”

3. Don’t sweat — there’s a safety net

Afraid all of this saving will cause you to lose track of your account balance? Never fear, Round Up to Savings automatically turns off when your checking account balance drops below $25. This means Round Up will never trigger overdraft fees.   

4. You never lose access to your money

Every night, the Round Up to Savings fairies move the digital change you saved that day from your checking account to your savings account. Don’t let the magic fool you, though. In a pinch, you still have easy access to your money. It’s yours. If you need it, no problem.

5. Expand the ways you save automatically

The magic of Round Up to Savings is that it happens automatically. Let it inspire you to think of other ways to put your savings on autopilot. For example, you can automate a $25 monthly deposit into your Bonus Saver account. Or set up an automatic transfer from checking to savings every payday. The bottom line: “Automatically” is a smart way to save.

Sign up for Round Up to Savings

You can begin using Round Up to Savings with your next debit card transaction. It’s a snap! Here’s how to enroll:

Mobile App

Online Banking

Need a hand? Stop by a branch or call 800.433.1837. We’ll help you set it and forget it, so your savings can pile up.


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