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Why you should consider working at a credit union

Question: Where can you find the kind of job where your employer respects you, your family life, and your community?

Answer: Credit unions. (Trust us. We’re kind of an expert on this one.)

Credit unions are a fun and fulfilling place to work. Best of all, we make a difference in our members’ lives.

One way we do this at Numerica is by giving back to the communities we’re in: Spokane, Spokane Valley, Tri-Cities, the Wenatchee Valley, and North Idaho.

But there’s much more, so let’s get to it! Here’s the nitty gritty of working for a credit union.

Should I work for a credit union?

Yes! Affirmative! Presto!

Credit unions are member-owned and not-for-profit. At Numerica, for example, our entire vibe is member-centric. We’re always working to give members lower fees, lower rates on loans, and higher interest on deposit accounts. (Maybe it’s just us, but that’s more fun than trying to rake in extra bucks for shareholders.)

When you work for Numerica, you are both an employee and a member. This means we care about your well-being in the same way we do our membership. We like to be consistent that way.

“The vibe you get from going into one of our branches or talking to our employees at a community event — it’s not like that’s just what we show to the outside world,” said Cindy Leaver, Numerica’s chief strategy officer. “You’re going to get that same vibe when you go to work every day at Numerica,”

Numerica employees are empowered to make decisions, and there are opportunities for advancement and development. Numerica supports employees’ individual career paths to help them advance within the organization.

“The fact that my voice is actually being heard and things are happening because of it really does set this company apart from all other companies I’ve worked for,” said Sidney Lorentz, network and systems administrator.

How are Numerica and other Spokane credit unions active in the community?

Credit unions give back to the communities they are in by supporting local charities, nonprofits, and community events. You’ll even see us team up together for causes like the Children’s Miracle Network.

At Numerica, this is in our DNA. We’ve worked to #ShineThrough during the COVID-19 crisis, donating more than $225,000 from the Numerica Charitable Fund to 14 local nonprofits providing crucial basic needs to the people in our communities who have been impacted.

And this isn’t just a pandemic thing. Numerica is committed to giving back at least 5 percent of its earnings each year, supporting organizations such as Second Harvest, Blessings Under the Bridge, Volunteers of America, Wishing Star, Bruce Transitional Housing, Kootenai Health Foundation and many other wonderful organizations.


But credit unions are about more than check writing. At Numerica, we believe in getting out and lending a hand. To show support for employees who want to do more to help their community, Numerica offers eight hours of paid volunteer time annually and has a donation matching program.

There is never a lack of volunteer opportunities through sponsorships and non-profit partners. In 2019, Numerica donated 21,523 volunteer hours.

Fostering financial education

Remember, we’re about our members and communities, so credit unions are big on financial education. We’re in the schools, in the community, and even in our own buildings teaching students, members, and employees how to budget, manage finances, and live well.

In 2020, Numerica implemented an internal financial education program to with a cadre of tips and tools. Just another great reason to work here!

Numerica’s commitment to enhancing lives, fulfilling dreams, and building communities starts with a promise to our members and staff to help them live well financially. We know that every member’s financial journey is unique, but we also know that a strong relationship with money starts with simple conversations around topics like budgeting, saving, and credit.

Numerica’s Financial Education program is committed to supporting those conversations by becoming the dominant voice in how our members and our community can truly live well. From the classroom to the boardroom, Numerica is with you every step of the way.

What kind of jobs are available at credit unions?

When visitors stop by or students tour our facilities, they are often surprised by the variety of positions available at credit unions, from entry-level service representative positions to leadership and managerial roles.

There are many departments that offer employment opportunities, such as Human Resources, Organizational Development, Learning and Design, IT, Finance, Member Services, and Marketing/Communications. Jobs are available in all of the areas we serve, including Spokane, Spokane Valley, North Idaho, Tri-Cities, and the Wenatchee Valley.

Just a few examples of openings at Numerica include positions like network and systems administrator, business banking relationship officer, financial advisor, branch manager, and cash management representative.

Openings are constantly being posted as opportunities present themselves, so bookmark the Numerica careers page and check back frequently.

What are the benefits of working at Numerica Credit Union?

There are so many benefits to working at Numerica! Some of the benefits and perks (yep, they are two different things) include:

  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Internal development opportunities
  • Family day (paid day off plus $50)
  • Wellness programs
  • Employee referral program ($300 if you refer an awesome person)
  • Personal time off
  • 401(k) plan including employer match
  • Employer-paid medical and dental benefits
  • Maternity and paternity leave through the Family and Medical Leave Act

At this point, it’s starting to feel a little like bragging, but hey, Numerica is a boast-worthy place.

Just ask Jeff Escalera, our Richland branch manager.

“Numerica is all about family and community,” he said. “This was what attracted me to Numerica for my financial needs even before I worked here. The dedication Numerica shows to enhancing our community and how much they value us as employees allows me to give everything I have to my family and my community; I don’t have to choose. We are encouraged to volunteer in any and all events that drive us as individuals which contributes to a diverse and inclusive environment. I could not be more proud of the people and the organization I work with every day.”

What kind of people does Numerica look for to fill positions?

First and foremost, Numerica looks for someone who is passionate about our of enhancing lives, fulfilling dreams, and building communities. If you’re fun, open to change, transparent, and work well on a team, then you should fit in nicely. Someone who wants to learn, grow, and has a passion for giving back to the community would feel right at home at Numerica.

Sometimes, seeing is believing, so we put together a video, The Numerica Experience, to give you a glimpse of what Numerica employees say about our special culture.

What type of training and development is offered to those who work for Numerica?

New employees at Numerica go through a welcome and onboarding program that sets them up with all the tools necessary for a successful start.

From that first day on, we invest time, talent, and energy into personal and professional development. Our Organizational Development and Learning & Design teams offer a suite of internal courses ranging from leadership to technical training classes. These classes ensure all employees have the ability to continue to grow and develop both at work and at home.

What is the application process at Numerica?

Numerica tries to make managing finances as easy as possible for its members, and employees receive the same treatment. Applying is simple, online process. Here’s what to expect:

  • Numerica looks at your experiences based on the needs of the position.
  • If you meet the requirements, you’ll be personally contacted within two to three weeks to schedule an interview.
  • Human Resources conducts the first interview.
  • Credit and criminal background checks are completed.
  • If applicable, a teller test is administered.
  • The hiring manager conducts a second round of interviews.
  • Your application will remain in an active file for 60 days.

What are you waiting for?

OK, let’s review:

  • Credit unions are member-centric, community-minded places to work.
  • Numerica is interested in investing in its employees to help them live well.
  • While working at a credit union, you improve the well-being of your friends and neighbors
  • You know how to find jobs and apply at Numerica.

We hope to see your application soon!

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