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Because why not use industry-leading technology to reduce stress and improve your bottom line?

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Business Online Banking

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Numerica's ACH origination solutions through online banking help reduce the stress of business finances.

  • Pay employees with direct deposit
  • Collect client payments
  • Make payments to vendors
  • Manage all accounts in one place
  • Create sub-user access with varying authority levels
  • Integrate and upload existing files
  • Create online templates
  • Protect transactions with layers of authentication
  • Download account details to Excel® or Quicken®
  • Wire money domestically

Positive Pay

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Don’t let fraud slip through the cracks. Ideal for businesses with a large number of transactions or higher-risk payments.

  • Detect fraud quickly
  • Improve reconciliation and accuracy of transactions
  • Monitor daily transactions with ease
  • Create sub-user access with varying authority levels

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Remote Deposit Capture

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Deposit checks wherever you are with a scanner or your smartphone. How's that for efficiency?

  • Improve cash flow with same-day deposit availability
  • Customize limits to the unique needs of your business
  • Increase safety and lower costs by eliminating trips to the credit union
  • Deposit checks to multiple accounts from multiple locations
  • Create sub-user access with varying authority levels
  • Review custom reports, including copies of checks deposited
  • Avoid upkeep with no installation cost or software maintenance

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Sweep Accounts

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Your efficient solution to maximize the use of available funds by “sweeping” money toward a pre-directed purpose. Use a sweep account to automatically:

  • Transfer funds when balances fall short
  • Maintain a zero-balance account
  • Pay down a line of credit
  • Keep accounts at a desired balance
  • Sweep excess funds into a higher-earning account


Merchant Services

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Numerica’s partnership with Clover makes credit card and payment processing easy using Clover’s in-store, mobile, or online solutions.

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Clover’s cutting-edge payment technology helps you run your business. Whether using Clover Go with Android and iOS or the full point-of-sale system (POS), it’s all about simple money flow management. Make running your business a breeze with online reporting, invoices, digital receipts, and the latest in contactless payments. 

Clover is your secure and safe payment platform:

  • POS system
  • Card machines and processing
  • Mobile payments
  • Mobile card readers
  • Virtual terminals
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Contactless payments

Our personalized service tailors the system to your needs and helps you reduce credit card expenses —or nearly eliminate them with surcharging. Whether you’re brick and mortar or all online, we can connect you with the right payment solution.

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Retail Lockbox

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Streamline your accounts receivable process by routing payments to a P.O. Box where they are gathered and deposited directly into your account.

  • Process payments more cost effectively
  • View transaction images made on your behalf
  • Update your accounts receivable system using details provided

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July 13, 2024