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How do I freeze my card

Freezing your Numerica credit and debit card

You go to reach for your Numerica Visa® card, and it’s not there. Did you leave it on the nightstand? Maybe it fell out in the car? Is some criminal having a shopping spree on your dime?

Numerica Card Freeze immediately protects your well-being. It doesn’t cancel your card; it just puts a temporary hold on it while you search for it.

Card Freeze is available on all Numerica Visa debit and credit cards.

Card Freeze Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I freeze my card?

Go to online banking and click on “Cards. Just click the Freeze” toggle button next to the card you wish to freeze.

The process is similar in the Numerica Mobile App*.  Freeze or unfreeze your card in seconds by clicking “Cards” and using the toggle to make that card active or inactive. Questions? You can also call us at 800.433.1837.

Using card freeze is quick and easy!

What happens when I freeze my card?

Freezing your card immediately suspends activity for the card and will not allow new purchases, cash advances, or reoccurring payments to process until you unfreeze the card. Credits such as returns and payments will still post to your card even though it is frozen.

If I find my card, can I unfreeze it?

Absolutely! In both online banking and the mobile app, simply navigate to “Cards” and toggle the switch to reactivate your card. It’s now ready for immediate use.

Does the freeze ever expire?

No, after you freeze a credit or debit card it will remain in effect until you remove it.

How often can I freeze my card?

As often as you need; there are no limitations.

Is there a charge to freezing my card?

Zip, zero, nada. Credit card freeze is Numerica’s way of helping you reduce stress and feel protected!

Do I get a new card?

Freezing your card does not cancel or block your card. Your card number will not change, and you will not receive a new card unless you request one.

What do I do if I STILL can’t find my card?

Card Freeze is not a substitute for informing Numerica if your card has been lost or stolen. If your card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately at 800.433.1837 so we can permanently block the card and send you a new card with a new number.

You can also permanently block your card under “Cards” in the  mobile app or online banking. In the app, click the three dots next to the freeze button for blocking options. In online banking, simply select, “block card permanently.” If Block Card is selected, it can’t be undone. Stop by your favorite branch to get a new card.

Reminder: Card Freeze doesn't freeze your credit.

Here's the legal stuff: *Standard text message and data rates from your carrier may apply. Freezing card will block all transactions from posting to your card, including recurring transactions. Federally insured by NCUA.

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