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Payment options for your Numerica loan

We know life moves, so we offer a number of ways to pay your Numerica loan or Visa card. Which convenient way to pay fits your life best?

Online Banking

To pay from a Numerica account, simply log in to Online Banking and select “Transfers.” From there, you can choose the account to transfer from and the loan or credit card account you want to pay. You can even adjust the payment date and dollar amount.

Recurring option for loans

Want to set it and forget it? Schedule an ongoing, automatic transfer to your loan by checking the box: “Make payment recurring.”

Pro tip: This option may save you money! Many Numerica loans include a 0.25% discount for setting up a recurring, automatic payment from a Numerica checking account. Consult your specific loan documentation for qualification details.

From another financial institution

First, add your outside financial institution account as an “external transfer” account under Transfers > Add recipient > Add account. Once it’s set up, you can select it as a source account when scheduling one-time or recurring payments to your loan.

Online payment portal

Want to pay from another financial institution on the web, but don’t want to use online banking? This web portal allows you to make a quick, secure online payment toward your Numerica credit card using a bank account transfer or debit card from another financial institution. A service fee may apply.

Mobile App

Like Online Banking, it’s easy to make a payment from your Numerica account by using the transfer options in the Mobile App.*

From another financial institution

Mobile deposit* for the win! Simply write a check for the amount of your loan payment from your account at the other institution. When you deposit the check in your Numerica app, you can select your loan as the account to deposit toward.


Call 800.433.1837 to pay your loan from your Numerica account.

From another financial institution

Loan payments using a debit card from another financial institution are also possible over the phone. A service fee may apply.

Want to set up a recurring payment from your account at an outside financial institution? We can help with that, too.

In person

Visit one of our branch locations, and we will be happy to assist you in transferring funds toward your loan or credit card balance. We can also help you set up recurring payments or payments from another financial institution. 

Numerica ATM

Use the “electronic payment” feature at your nearest Numerica ATM, and you can pay your loan or credit card using a Numerica account.


The mail option is simple for both loan and credit card payments. When paying your Visa, simply use the slip at the bottom of your monthly statement to pay your bill. For your Numerica loan, payment coupons are available to send in with a check. To request these, call us at 800.433.1837. We’ll get you set up!


Want to learn more about a payment option? Call 800.433.1837. We’re happy to help.

If your question is specific to online payments, did you know you could walk through your questions with a Numerica representative — while securely sharing your computer screen? Call 800.433.1837 to schedule a video banking appointment today.

*Here’s the legal stuff: Data and/or other wireless charges may apply. See carrier for specific rates and terms.

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