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Mobile deposit FAQs

The mobile deposit feature on the Numerica app features trustworthy technology that is simple to use.

What is mobile deposit?

Mobile deposit is a way to deposit checks into your account from anywhere using the Numerica app and the camera on your phone or tablet.

How does mobile deposit work?

Select “Deposit” from the bottom of the screen in the app menu. Next, enter the check amount, choose the account you want to deposit into, snap some pictures, and confirm the deposit.

Are there fees for mobile deposit?

Nope. Mobile deposit is a service offered to all Numerica members. In fact, you can save time and money by depositing checks without leaving your home.

How do I endorse my check for mobile deposit?

Like with any check, it starts with a signature. Then, if it’s an option on the check you’re depositing, mark the box that indicates mobile deposit and write “Numerica” on the line provided.

For checks that don’t have this feature, simply write the words, “For deposit only, Numerica CU.”

What should I do with my paper check after making a mobile deposit?

Great question! You are going to want to hang onto it for a while to make sure everything processes. We recommend retaining the check for 60 days, after which you should destroy it or mark it as VOID.

When are the funds from my mobile deposit available?

Funds availability is based upon many factors, including the type of check deposited.

Complete information about timelines governing the availability of deposited funds is available in Numerica’s Funds Availability Policy Disclosure. A copy of this policy is provided when you open an account and is available at Numerica branches.

How will I know if my mobile deposit went through?

After confirming the deposit within the app, you will see a screen that says your deposit is complete. You will also receive a confirmation email to the address we have on file.

Is mobile deposit secure?

Absolutely! Mobile deposit requires verification using your Online Banking credentials.

Still have questions?

Let’s get them answered! Call 800.433.1837, use the chat feature on the bottom right of this screen, or stop by your favorite Numerica branch today.

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