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Save, Spend and Share for a Happy New Year

New year's confetti with the words "New Year's Budgeting" in lime green with dark navy blue background

The holiday music is playing and stores are bustling with people trying to find that perfect gift. But don’t let the magic of the holiday season break your budget! When you are planning gifts for your family and friends, remember the philosophy of, “Save, Spend, Share.”

“You should plan to spend no more than 70 percent of your money for wants or needs, save 25 percent for the future and share 5 percent in the community by giving back and supporting special causes or organizations,” says Kelli Hawkins, Communications Manager at Numerica Credit Union.

During the Christmas season, Americans spend nine times more than any other time of the year. But overspending can put a damper on New Year goals. Besides sticking to a budget, here are some ideas to avoid January stress and spending regret: Make a list and check it twice. Include gift ideas with the names of those you’re shopping for and stick to the list. Window shopping can lead to splurges that might break your budget. Other ways to save include limiting self-gifting, tracking you’re spending as you go and looking for opportunities to create memories together like coupons or vouchers for activities rather than just buying a gift.

“The holidays are about coming together to make life better for our community and creating memories with those we love,” says Hawkins.

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