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Tap to pay FAQs

How to use your card for contactless payments

Tap to pay is like a fist bump that buys things. You can use this contactless method to make secure purchases at thousands of stores nationwide.

Tap to pay is available using many credit cards, debit cards, and mobile devices. Many Numerica cards include it — no setup required! Read on for more about the basics, security, and convenience of tap to pay.

Tap to pay basics

How do I know if my card can tap to pay?

If you have a newly issued Numerica credit or debit card, it automatically features tap to pay. Numerica updates older cards with the contactless technology at reissue. You’ll be able to tell if your Numerica Visa offers it by looking for the symbol on your card.

What’s the difference between tap to pay and contactless payments?

There is no difference. Both describe the convenient and secure method of making purchases using a card, smartphone, or device.

How does tap to pay technology work?

Tap to pay uses short-range wireless technology for secure payments between a contactless card or device and a contactless-enabled checkout terminal. This means there’s no need to swipe or insert a physical card. You don’t have to touch the payment terminal at all.

How do I tap to pay with my card?

  1. Look for the contactless symbol where you shop.
  2. Hold your card over the contactless-enabled terminal.
  3. That’s it! Purchase made. No signature or PIN required.

Do I literally tap to pay?

No. If your card is within 1 to 2 inches of a contactless terminal, the payment process will start. Holding your card flat over the symbol rather than at an angle tends to work best.

Tap to pay security

What happens when I tap to pay?

Bringing your card near the contactless symbol sends your payment for authorization. Each transaction uses a one-time, unique virtual validation — not your actual card number.

Is tap to pay secure?

Yes! The secure, token-based authentication means your sensitive financial information is not transmitted, reducing the likelihood of fraud.

If I tap more than once, am I charged more than once?

Nope. Contactless terminals can only process 1 transaction at a time. You must complete or void each transaction before another takes place. This keeps you safeguarded against duplicate charges.

If I stand too close to a contactless-enabled terminal, can it unknowingly charge my card?

No. A merchant must first send a payment request. Without it, your card can’t be charged.

Tap to pay convenience

How big is the tap to pay network?

Thousands of merchants across the U.S. accept contactless payments. This includes restaurants, grocery stores, vending machines, coffee shops, and more. You can also tap to pay at millions of stores around the world when you’re traveling internationally.

What if there isn’t a tap to pay symbol where I’m shopping?

No problem! You can always insert or swipe your Numerica card.

Will I need my PIN to use the tap to pay feature on my card?

When it comes to using a PIN, contactless cards work similarly to your current card setup. Your Numerica debit card, for instance, will still require a PIN for some transactions.

Will my tap to pay card work in my mobile wallet?

Yes! You can upload your Numerica card to any mobile wallet.

What if I don’t want this feature?

Numerica adds tap to pay functionality to all newly issued debit and credit cards. But there’s no need to use it. You can always insert your card to make purchases.


Life moves. Tap to pay helps you live well by saving you time and keeping your financial information safe. If you have questions about contactless payments, call us at 800.433.1837 or stop by your favorite branch.

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