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Meet your Numerica Home Loan Team.


Kelly Bennett, Numerica Credit Union, man in jacket and tieKELLY BENNETT

Kristi Cossette in a black top.KRISTI COSSETTE

Linda Dean woman in green blazerLINDA DEAN

Will Horlen, man in a dark suitWILL HORLEN

Debbie Krum woman in black sweaterDEBBIE KRUM

Dustin Masterson man in blue shirtDUSTIN MASTERSON

Kim McCulley, Numerica Credit Union, woman with blond hair and floral shirtKIM MCCULLEY


Mark Quillin man in black suitMARK QUILLIN

Troy Clute - Man in button up shirtTROY CLUTE

Robin Harrison, Numerica Credit Union, women in a blazerROBIN HARRISON

Cliff Berdar man in black shirtCLIFF BERDAR

Sierra Kellogg, Numerica Credit Union, AVP Home Loan Center OperationsSIERRA KELLOGG

North Idaho

Toby Flood man in blue shirt and grey tieTOBY FLOOD

Jason Kelly man in black suitJASON KELLY


Bill Walther, Numerica Credit Union, man in white shirtBILL WALTHER



Numerica Credit Union's Sheryl Irwin, blonde woman smiling and wearing a black shirtSHERYL IRWIN

Tim Ruybalid, Numerica Credit Union, smiling man in a suit.TIM RUYBALID

Kandice Womack, Numerica Credit Union, woman with blonde hair in a black blazer.KANDICE WOMACK


Denise Gallucci woman in black blouseDENISE GALLUCCI

Greg Olson man in blue shirt and dark grey suitGREG OLSON

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March 27, 2023