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Meet Your Numerica Commercial Business Team


Kenneth Plank, NumericaKENNETH PLANK

Josh Melcher, Numerica, headshotJOSH MELCHER

Dan Pearse NumericaDAN PEARSE

Brent Wise, Man in suit with light blue shirt. BRENT WISE


Jay Rivera NumericaJAY RIVERA

Cody Hines Numerica in grey suitCODY HINES

Cory Willard Numerica in grey suitCORY WILLARD

North Idaho

Geoff Asan NumericaGEOFF ASAN

Kristi Hagan NumericaKRISTI HAGAN

Corey Orton NumericaCOREY ORTON


Shalon MacNeil NumericaSHALON MACNEIL

Walt Smith NumericaWALT SMITH

Today's Rates

March 21, 2023