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When it comes to moving money in and out of your account, Numerica is all about providing convenience without sacrificing security.

Enter our network of ATMs — trustworthy technology that is simple to use.

What transactions can I perform at a Numerica ATM?

Drive up or walk up to any Numerica ATMs and enjoy free, 24-hour access to:

  • Check your balance
  • Deposit cash and checks
  • Withdraw cash denominations of $5, $20, and $50
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make an electronic payment on a Numerica loan from your Numerica account
  • Change your PIN

Check out this short video before you go to get a grasp of ATM transaction basics:

Can I use the ATMs at a different financial institution?

Yes, you can! In fact, you can withdraw funds at any ATM that accepts Visa. To deposit cash and checks, make sure it’s a CO-OP ATM.

When are the funds from my ATM deposit available?

Funds availability is based upon many factors, including the type of check deposited.

Note that deposits made at non-Numerica ATMs are available for withdrawal on the fifth business day.

Complete information about timelines governing the availability of deposited funds is available in Numerica’s Funds Availability Policy Disclosure. A copy of this policy is provided when you open an account and is available at Numerica branches.

Can I cash a check through an ATM?

Yes, though depending on the amount of the check and other factors, it’s possible that some of the balance from the check will be subject to funds availability timelines. To withdraw funds from a check, first deposit the check, and then do a second transaction to get the available balance in cash.

Is it safe to deposit my cash in an ATM?

Yes! While making a deposit at an ATM, you have a chance to verify the amount or cancel the transaction. If the transaction is cancelled, your cash or check is returned. If something goes wrong, you can file a dispute with your local branch or give us a call at 800.433.1837.

How much cash can I deposit at an ATM?

ATMs will accept 30 checks or 50 bills at one time. That means you could potentially deposit up to $5,000 in cash.

When are the funds from an ATM cash deposit available?

Cash deposits are available in your account immediately.

What items are NOT accepted for deposit in an ATM?

While most checks and money orders payable in U.S. dollars can be deposited at a Numerica ATM, these items are not:

  • Foreign checks and currency
  • U.S. Savings Bonds
  • Image Replacement Documents (IRDs)
  • Deposit slips or internal documents with routing and transit number starting with 5 or 6
  • Starter checks (also called counter checks) that don’t have a serial number

How can I get to an ATM behind locked doors?

Many Numerica branch locations have 24-hour ATMs located in vestibules that lock after hours. To access these ATMS, locate the card reader near the door and swipe your debit card to gain access into the secure location. This gets you access to the ATM while the rest of the branch remains secured.

Still have questions?

Let’s get them answered! Call 800.433.1837 or stop by your favorite Numerica branch today.

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