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How to identify email spoofing

Recent scam targets Where’s Ben promotion

Where's Ben Fraud

Email spoofing is the forgery of an email where the message appears to have originated from someone other than the actual source. Email spoofing is a tactic used in phishing and spam campaigns because people are more likely to open an email when they think it has been sent by a legitimate source. The goal of email spoofing is to get recipients to open, click thru, and possibly even respond to, a solicitation.

Fraudsters try to mimic a legitimate business or promotion. Numerica’s recent Where’s Ben promotion has been a victim of this tactic. A fraudulent version of this email was sent from a Yahoo email address. Please note – there is a Where’s Ben Facebook promotion taking place on Aug. 10 in Spokane/North Idaho; Aug. 17 in Wenatchee, and Aug. 25 in Tri-Cities. More details can be found on Numerica’s Facebook pages.

Here are some ways you can spot a spoofed, or fraudulent, email:

  •  The email asks you to link to a webpage that does not have the correct domain or isn’t the real company’s web site. TIP: You can hover over links in an email to see where they are going to take you before you click.
  • The sending email does not use a correct domain after the “@”
  • The web address doesn’t use “https” (secure connection)

We understand that a situation like this creates stress and anxiety about the safety of your account information. If you have further questions about this or any other correspondence that looks suspicious, please visit your favorite branch or call us at 800.433.1837.

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