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Serving the well-being of each and every member.

At the April 26, 2021 Annual Meeting of the Membership, the nomination results were announced for the Board of Directors and Audit Committee. The following individuals were re-elected to three-year terms ending in 2023: 

Board of Directors

Audit Committee

2021 Elected Officers - Board of Directors

At the Reorganization Meeting, the officers of the Board were elected as follows:

Board of Directors and Audit Committee Nomination Application & Petition Process

Board of Directors

Audit Committee

Executive Management

Carla Cicero Numerica Credit UnionCarla Cicero

Nicole Sherman headshot on Numerica background.Nicole Sherman

Kelley Ferguson headshotKelley Ferguson

Kenneth Plank, NumericaKenneth Plank

Lynn Ciani NumericaLynn Ciani

Ben Richardson in light blue shirt. Ben Richardson

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November 29, 2022