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How to register for digital banking

Ready to start banking the way you want to bank? Register for Numerica's online banking.

Numerica mobile app: Register for digital banking

Get access to your accounts using Numerica's mobile app. It's easy to set up!

How to deposit a check with your phone

Deposit a check from the comfort of your own home using Numerica's mobile app!

View and search your transactions in Numerica's mobile app

It takes just a few finger taps to see your account transactions in Numerica's digital banking mobile app.

How to transfer money between accounts using Numerica's mobile app

It's simple to transfer funds between your accounts or to other members using the Numerica mobile app. Here's how you can do it.

How to pay your bills with the Numerica mobile app

Pay your bills, wherever you are. You can do it all in our app.

Enroll in Round Up to Savings in Numerica's mobile app

Make everyday purchases part of your savings plan when you set up Round Up to Savings using Numerica's mobile app. Turn your spare change into savings.

How to enroll in Round Up to Savings in Numerica's digital banking

An easy way to make everyday purchases part of your savings plan! When you choose Round Up to Savings you turn your spare change into savings.

Mobile Pay and Mobile Wallet

Your mobile wallet, also called a digital wallet, is a safe and secure way to pay with your Numerica Visa debit or credit card. Set up is quick and easy!

Numerica ATM Upgrade

Numerica Credit Union introduces our new touch screen ATMs. Everything you need, you can do on touch interface. No more buttons! We are pretty excited about the new denomination functions. Members asked, Numerica listened. You can now withdraw cash in increments of $5!

Numerica ATM Transaction Basics

Numerica Credit Union introduces new ATMs! Members now have access to some of the most frequently asked for services like depositing checks, making cash withdrawals, and selecting cash denomination.

Numerica ATM Advanced Options

Learn how to transfer money between accounts on the new Numerica Credit Union ATM. The new ATMs let you easily change preferences like setting fast cash amounts, receipt preferences, change pin, and make payments to your Numerica credit card or loan.

3 steps to a better credit score

Here are 3 simple steps that could help build a better credit score.

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