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Community giving makes life better

Supporting local charities makes our community stronger.

As a Numerica Credit Union member, you helped do a lot of good this year. In fact, for the first time ever, we gave back over $2 million to the community. That’s 2 million reasons to celebrate. It’s about putting people above profits and­­ knowing that our community is only as strong as our most vulnerable.

Living well begins with helping others

When you give where you live, you show your love and dedication to our community. You become an important part of making an impact, whether through donations, volunteerism, or fundraising.

Adopting this philosophy is simple once you create the mindset and framework to make it happen:

  • Budget to share, as well as spend and save
  • Give to causes that are close to your heart
  • Volunteer if you’re low on funds and can’t give
  • Make giving time and/or money a consistent practice
  • Receive the gift of giving!

Spend. Save. Share.

When setting your budget, a good rule of thumb is to think about Spend. Save. Share. It’s a great guideline to strive for in a budget. You should be spending no more than 70% of your income, saving 25%, and sharing 5% with the community.

“You can measure the quality of a community by the way in which we take care of those in need,” says Carla Cicero, Numerica’s president and CEO. “Support from our loyal members has helped to build a strong foundation, inspiring Numerica to give back at least 5% of our earnings to our community by supporting causes that lend a helping hand, create leaders, and celebrate our community.”

We often overlook SHARE in budget conversations. But when you help others, you make our community stronger.

Let’s talk about how you can make it possible to give 5% back, just like Numerica! ;)

How to budget to share

Understanding where you spend your money is the first step to creating a budget. Numerica has a free budget workbook that will help walk you through the steps! 

Setting goals for saving and emergency saving is an important component of your budget to make sure you’re living well through all of life’s twist and turns.

Make sure to take credit for what you’re already doing, i.e. buying popcorn from the kids who come door to door or dropping $20 at church. These are examples of giving back. You may already be supporting our community so make it count in your budget!

Want to give, but not sure where to start?

What are the causes close to your heart? Do you want to lend a helping hand, create leaders, or celebrate community? 

Numerica provides funding support to local nonprofits focusing on systemic issues impacting our community like poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, crisis intervention and access to quality education.

In Spokane, for example:

In North Idaho, organizations serving women and children who’ve experienced trauma:

  • Safe Passage supports victims fleeing domestic violence, sexual violence & child victimization 
  • Idaho Youth Ranch’s Equine Therapy program helps youth heal from trauma, abuse, or neglect

For SAGE, Wenatchee’s Crime Victim Service Center, Numerica’s grant will provide the funding necessary to add a second service dog to their program. SAGE’s current therapy dog, Hank, is in high demand due to his ability to comfort clients (especially children) as they share their story of abuse and neglect in forensic interview sessions.

And with an average of two deaths per month due to drug addiction, the Tri-Cities is heavily affected by this devastating disease. With this in mind, Numerica provided funding support for a pilot program developed by Chaplaincy Health Services that focuses on healing from the unique trauma and grief of addiction.

Learn more about the 26 regional non-profits we supported in 2019.

Ways to give back, even if you’re broke!

If you’re not able to give money, remember volunteering is a great way to give back to our community. This year, our team donated more than 20,000 hours volunteering in our community. From bake sales to casual days benefiting charity to volunteering at favorite non-profit organizations, Numerica employees embody our mission of helping others.

Here are some other ways you could give on a tight budget:

  • Clean out your closet
  • Check your pantry
  • Give blood
  • Become a mentor
  • Use a skill to help another (cooking, carpentry, shoveling snow)

Make giving a consistent practice

Who doesn’t love a surprise gift? We all do, but the key to make giving a part of your financial well-being is to do it regularly. Many non-profits relay on consistent and constant support. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but a monthly pledge of time or money allows them to plan, too. Plus – you know that you’re doing good in your hood every month without having to remember to send off a check.

Every time you support a local charity, you make our community stronger. And every little bit counts. When we come together, we’re making life better for everyone (including ourselves).

So as we enter the holiday season, remember to budget to share, give to causes that feel important to YOU, volunteer if you’re low on funds, make giving a consistent practice, and receive the gift of giving!

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