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Scholarship FAQs

A student's dream of higher education shouldn't be cut short because of financial limitations. That’s why Numerica offers a variety of scholarships to help our members fulfill their dreams:

Numerica scholarship FAQs

Do I have to be a Numerica member to apply for one of the scholarships?

Yes, all Numerica Scholarships require membership.

Not a member? Now is a great time to become one! To be eligible you need to work, live, or worship in the state of Washington or North Idaho panhandle — or be related by blood, married to, or reside with an eligible person.

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If I am the parent of the student, can I apply for them with my membership?

No, the applicant for the scholarship must be a member. Being related to a member does not meet the requirements of the scholarships.

If I am not a member or my child is not a member, can we open an account?

Of course!

Do you have a scholarship for doctoral students?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a scholarship for students at the doctoral level.

How will I be communicated with during the scholarship selection process?

Most communications will be via email. If you are selected as the winner, you will be notified by the date listed on the website.

How will the recipients be selected?

A team of Numerica staff will evaluate applications and select the winners.

Will the check come to the winner or go to the school?

Scholarship awards for current students are sent directly to the school before the beginning of the fall school year. Student Loan Repayment awards are sent directly to the loan servicer.

Is there a GPA requirement for these scholarships?

No, there are no GPA requirements for our scholarships.

Can the letter of recommendation come from a teacher, school coach, or school counselor?

Yes, the Student Ambassador Scholarship requires two letters of recommendation, and they can come from a teacher, coach, manager, nonprofit, pastor, or school counselor.

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If you know someone who qualifies for these scholarships or who needs help achieving higher education goals, pass this on. Together, we can continue making a difference in our community.

Learn more about what Numerica is doing to prepare our youth for a financially healthy future.

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June 22, 2024