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Online Banking and Mobile App FAQs

Let online banking and our mobile app do the work for you!

Digital banking solutions like online banking and our mobile app let you manage your money from anywhere. It’s easy and convenient! If you are looking for more freedom when managing your accounts, below are tips and tricks to make the most of online banking and our mobile app.

Reasons to use Numerica’s digital solutions:

  • 24/7 access to your money
  • Manage your money on the go
  • Pay your bills from one place
  • Quick and simple to use

Check out frequently asked questions below. Looking for more? Follow step-by-step instructions to Numerica’s online banking and mobile app in our how-to guide

How do I register for Online Banking?

Registering for online banking only takes a few minutes! To get started, head to our homepage and select the “Register Now” link located next to the login information. You will need your basic identification information to connect to your account. For verification purposes, you will also need access to either your email or cell phone to receive a temporary passcode.

What should I do if I have trouble signing in?

Online banking

Make sure you have the correct username and password. If you forgot — no worries! ! At the bottom of the online banking login box on the Numerica website, select one of the following choices:

  1. Forgot username: Requires date of birth and social security number for retrieval.
  2. Forgot password: Requires member number, username, date of birth, social security number, and verification by passcode in order to reset.
  3. Unlock account: Requires member number, username, date of birth, social security number, and verification by passcode in order to unlock.

Enter the required information in the prompts to complete the process.

Mobile App

Tap “Need help logging in” under the “Login” button. You will be prompted to select from 3 choices: “Forgot username,” “Forgot password,” and “Unlock account.” Follow the same instructions as shown above for online banking.

Where is my full account number?

Online banking

You can find your full account number under “Accounts.” Simply click the eye symbol under the ACH number on any of your accounts to reveal your full account number. You can also view this info — and other account information — by using the link to download the direct deposit form.

Direct deposit form — On the left-hand side of the screen in online banking, click “More.” Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and click on “Direct deposit form.” Choose the account you want the information for, then click “Proceed.” This will download a PDF of the direct deposit form. 

Mobile App

To see your full account number, look under “Accounts” and select the specific account you want to view. You will find it listed as your “ACH number.”

Where can I find Numerica’s routing number?

Numerica’s routing number is 325182690. You will need it when setting up automatic payments and direct deposit.

Pro tip: If you ever forget it, just look at the footer of Numerica’s website. It’s a permanent reference on the bottom of each page.

How do I get to Budget Manager?

That’s a great question – kudos to you for wanting to use your Budget Manager! Check out our Budget Manager FAQs for a step-by-step guide.

How do I find my statements?

Online Banking

Click “More” from the left side navigation in online banking and then select eStatements. Learn more about eStatements!

Mobile app

Once you sign in to the mobile app, click the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on the top right corner and select eStatements from the list.

How do I set up Bill Pay?

It’s easy! Numerica’s free Bill Pay gives you the security and convenience of paying your bills all from one place. You can set up Bill Pay in both online banking and the mobile app by adding payees and making payments.

Online banking

You can find the Bill Pay button under “Transfers.” Follow the instructions to set up your payees and payments.

Mobile app

Bill Pay is available in the mobile app, too! Once you sign in, click on it under “Transfers.”

Looking for a guide to all things Bill Pay, including troubleshooting tips and an FAQ? Check out Numerica’s Bill Pay tips and tricks.

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