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2020 support for COVID impact

Mar. 16, 2023

Numerica responds to community needs during Coronavirus impact

Numerica Credit Union has pledged over $225,000 to 14 regional nonprofits from the Numerica Charitable fund to help meet the basic needs of our most vulnerable population during this uncertain time.

“Our community is feeling the impact of the Coronavirus, especially those in the hospitality field and vulnerable populations such as low-income families and seniors,” says Numerica’s President & CEO Carla Cicero. “The largest impact we can make is to support the nonprofits in our community who give directly to those in need.”


Financial need from the effects of the Coronavirus

Several of the organizations receiving grants have expressed an increased financial need from the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Many of the organizations, like Vanessa Behan and Second Harvest of the Inland Northwest have increased their capacity, which has resulted in more overtime hours and resources.

The Numerica Charitable Fund provides grants to organizations that mirror the credit union’s guiding principles of enhancing lives, fulfilling dreams, and building communities. The grant program is funded by Numerica’s Skip a Pay program where members can skip a month of loan payments in lieu of a $30 fee last year.

With current economic needs in the community, Numerica is redistributing funds to nonprofits in immediate need.

Recipients of emergency funding:

Greater Spokane Region

North Idaho



A Passion for Giving

Numerica gave back over $2 million in 2019 to causes that lend a helping hand, create leaders and celebrate our community through Numerica employee donations and fundraising efforts, the Charitable Fund and sponsorships. Staff also donated more than 21,000 hours of their time giving back.

“In times of both crisis or prosperity, giving back and helping others is the true mark of a great community,” Cicero added.

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